Mosaic of Shadows

Chapter Two

Eye for an Eye

Only one of the company withstood whatever ailment had been passed along with the food the night before. But like good troops were wont to do, all of the group were up and moving and checking into things by mid morning.
An uncomfortable introduction to the Kennel Master happened, though it was uneventful. The man had a poor gift for gab, and was more want to share his beasts company than that of the young noble Bo and the dwarven barber.
Shortly after that, secret entrances to hidden passages were discovered in three locations. The Library, the Wine Cellar and the Lord’s bedroom. Exploring the passages within, the company discovered a bookcase. Bo, the only educated member of the team and only one able to read, was able to discern that these books had information to do with the forces of Chaos, though he was unable to delve deeply into their contents. (These books were taken and burned in the forge later). Also down here the company discovered an alter… and the company spent the night in hopes to have someone come visit this place of evil, to no avail.
The very next day, at the noon meal, violence erupted as Chaos revealed itself and a battle was fought in the manor house and the gardens. The company prevailed, striking down all opposing forces, even with one member of Chaos weilding arcane power to which the company had little defense.



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