Mosaic of Shadows

Chapter Five
Hillbillies and Dwarfs
Chapter Four
A reluctant lay...
Chapter Three
Is the doctor in?

Quick notes (please delete as extended details are placed).
Recovered painting.
Intimidated cultist.
Discovered doctor missing.
Dogs give chase.
A storm cometh.

Chapter Two
Eye for an Eye

Only one of the company withstood whatever ailment had been passed along with the food the night before. But like good troops were wont to do, all of the group were up and moving and checking into things by mid morning.
An uncomfortable introduction to the Kennel Master happened, though it was uneventful. The man had a poor gift for gab, and was more want to share his beasts company than that of the young noble Bo and the dwarven barber.
Shortly after that, secret entrances to hidden passages were discovered in three locations. The Library, the Wine Cellar and the Lord’s bedroom. Exploring the passages within, the company discovered a bookcase. Bo, the only educated member of the team and only one able to read, was able to discern that these books had information to do with the forces of Chaos, though he was unable to delve deeply into their contents. (These books were taken and burned in the forge later). Also down here the company discovered an alter… and the company spent the night in hopes to have someone come visit this place of evil, to no avail.
The very next day, at the noon meal, violence erupted as Chaos revealed itself and a battle was fought in the manor house and the gardens. The company prevailed, striking down all opposing forces, even with one member of Chaos weilding arcane power to which the company had little defense.

Chapter One
Sex, Drugs, and Criminals

The nobleman, Bo, with his release documents, headed for the stocks to recruit for his newest idea. He had managed to convince city officials to the idea of freeing lesser criminals as part of a labor force. This convincing most likely involved bribery, threats, or perhaps they just wanted Bo out of Ubersreik. Regardless, taking advantage of cheap labor was something he was commited to and so he took his legal forms and headed there with a spring in his step. After interviewing a few criminals in stocks, Bo had to choose between several folk of lesser birth. Eventually, he decided upon a strange apothecary Mr. Koch, a human thug named Simon, and the talented surgeon Todd, a dwarf who was only jailed due to not having legal license to operate within the town of Ubersreik. Each of them joined in part to gain freedom and partly for motivations all their own.

They headed out shortly after on a mission of secrecy to investigate Lord Aschaffenbergs manor. The journey wasn’t long but they had the strange feeling they were being followed and were assaulted just when they managed to make it to the gates of the estate. Though both Mr. Koch and Mr. Sezz were wounded in the battle, they were tough and made there way in to meet Lord Aschaffenberg and even helped carry one of the chests up to his room. Seeing their injuries, they were asked to rest while Todd and Bo carried the remaining 8 chests up, a tiring ordeal.

After a quick briefing with their lord, they headed to the Hospice. At the hospice they met the manor’s doctor, a blind nurse and an injured dwarf (Master of the manor’s forge). The dwarf had been injured in a Beastman attack, yet his wounds refused to heal and he thrashed in his bed with an apparant fever upon him.

Leaving the hospice, Bo and Mr. Koch used their charms upon some of the serving maids. Bo’s intent was to extract answers out of homely Hanna, while the disgusting Mr. Koch’s intent was only to seduce and bed the skanky wench Gertrude. Todd and Sezz explored the manor more until finally it was supper time.

Breaking their fast upon the well laid table of Lord Aschaffenberg, the dinner went well for a short while, until suddenly three of the four companions began to fall ill. At this point and time Bo begged off for the night to go rest in bed while Todd and Sezz went for a nightcap of brandy with the master of the manor.


“I wouldn’t call the agents of the Mosaic chaos worshiper. No more than any other club. That’s not to say that it won’t be infiltrated at some point. Or more likely, like anything else, it already has one within their number. Of that, I’m sure myself or others like me will catch wind of it and cleanse as is needed. But to call the Mosaic itself an organization of chaos would be untrue. That’s not what I meant. I meant, the organization itself is for lack of a better term, chaos. The fact that it is even organized enough to call it an organization is amazing in and of itself. The idea that these individuals could bind together for any sort of redemption, again, I can’t say that it has even succeeded at that. What I can say is, somehow, someway, they have helped people. Maybe it was only self preservation, maybe fear of us, divine providence, redemption, or even luck. Regardless, the result speaks volumes. If your asking my opinion on what should be done, I can say the answer to that is nearly as confusing as the Mosaic but I have outlined my findings within the report. What needed to be dealt with HAS been dealt with, the rest remains to be seen.

Now if you will flip to section 3, my report begins prior to any official investigation, it all began in the year 2520 according to the official release records. I think it best we begin there." ~ Witch Hunter Captain Licoran


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