Mosaic of Shadows


“I wouldn’t call the agents of the Mosaic chaos worshiper. No more than any other club. That’s not to say that it won’t be infiltrated at some point. Or more likely, like anything else, it already has one within their number. Of that, I’m sure myself or others like me will catch wind of it and cleanse as is needed. But to call the Mosaic itself an organization of chaos would be untrue. That’s not what I meant. I meant, the organization itself is for lack of a better term, chaos. The fact that it is even organized enough to call it an organization is amazing in and of itself. The idea that these individuals could bind together for any sort of redemption, again, I can’t say that it has even succeeded at that. What I can say is, somehow, someway, they have helped people. Maybe it was only self preservation, maybe fear of us, divine providence, redemption, or even luck. Regardless, the result speaks volumes. If your asking my opinion on what should be done, I can say the answer to that is nearly as confusing as the Mosaic but I have outlined my findings within the report. What needed to be dealt with HAS been dealt with, the rest remains to be seen.

Now if you will flip to section 3, my report begins prior to any official investigation, it all began in the year 2520 according to the official release records. I think it best we begin there." ~ Witch Hunter Captain Licoran


An eye for an eye me thinks. Have fun.


with some modification, yes.


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