Welcome to the game. For those of you interested in some additional background material, check out Sigmar’s Heirs. It is for a previous edition of the game but contains very little in actual stats. It is mainly a setting book.

Keep in mind, this game will not be character dependent. I will run the game with as few as three players. If more are present, that is fine but the minimum number of players will be three. From a story perspective, absent characters will simply be ignored. We will continue on as if they never existed. Those characters are still welcome to return to any future games. The adventure log will allow those players that missed sessions to catch up on the storyline. As is standard for Warhammer Fantasy, anyone present for a session will gain exactly 1 XP at the end of each session.

This game will lean heavily on the grim n gritty side of Warhammer. Character death is expected so I am not opposed to any player having a second character ready.

Mosaic of Shadows

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